BTSync and SFW Wallpapers

BTSync and SFW Wallpapers

There are a lot of technologies that I have ended up following since their start. Bitcoin I started following back when they were only a few dollars. I would constantly be talking about them and how they work. BTSync is another technology that I follow pretty closely. There have been many projects that have been developed off of the BitTorrent protocol. I am quite interested in the advances that could be made with this particular piece of software. So.. What is it? Why is it useful?

The whole point of BTSync is to make everything decentralized. You don't need expensive cloud software to back up any of your stuff. Deployment of software can also be automatically sent out with a drag and drop or some automated process. Businessmen/Women have used it much like Dropbox. Sending information between their desktop at home and at work. The great thing about BTSync is that there is no big brother peeking through your files. Every file can be encrypted before it is sent across the wire. (This is enabled by default, even over LAN networks.) Since the files are only transferred between the computers you specify, you know who is accessing your files. You can set it up on a NAS server or some computer that is on so that things are backed up. I have a Raspberry Pi that I back up all my things to.

What kind of limit do I have?

Zero. Zilch. None. The only kind of limitations you have are your network speeds and how much space you have on your computer(s)/servers.

One of the projects I have been working on is my wallpaper collection. I wanted to have safe for work wallpapers that I could sync with all my computers. I also like sharing things so I have posted  a read only key on Reddit and other public key sharing sites. Quite a few people like the idea that know about it. I have also set up my parents computer so that way if I ever update the wallpapers, they can have the latest and greatest. So far I have ~900 wallpapers available in various sizes. My largest group of wallpapers are in 1920x1080P size.

Download SFW Wallpapers

So if you want to try out BTSync and you wouldn't mind downloading SFW wallpapers, you can do so by installing BTSync [Here].

Once installed, enter in this key: BDDSEX3MFJWSYAIRK4TVQGNBSPTLDHFCV

Select a folder to download everything and let it go. If you don't want all the wallpapers then follow these instructions: