Minecraft Updater Batch Scripting

Minecraft Updater Batch Scripting

I am sure with the amount of people out there learning to code, there is at least a good number of people who have run across shell scripting. A batch (bat for short) script is Microsoft's attempt at bash scripting (unix and linux). It can be pretty useful but the tools are pretty limited if you compare it to the linux distros implementation.

Back before Mojang came out with their new launcher, in fact it was the night before, I decided to stay up all night coding up a script that anyone could run to get the latest version of the Minecraft client that my server would support. I would have to manage the packages myself - which I thought would be ok since I would only be updating the client when I updated the server - through Dropbox.

When going through this script, there is a lot of places where some code could be cleaned up. But after I was at a point where I could have one of my friends test it out, I went to Minecraft's site and downloaded the new client to find out they did what I spent all night doing. After that I created a git repo and committed it to save my work and never look at it again.

Anyways here is the code:

Find the Code on Github