what's this?

Ah, you've found the source. Here is going to be my brain dump. I am going to start producing guides and move a lot of my professional content here. My blog will be separate from this place. If you want to still follow me at my blog you may do so here. My goals for this place is to provide deeper articles than just a short blurb of information. My original goal of my blog was to provide contextual information that a lot of blogs leave out. On some of  the posts I failed to do that. So look forward to that.

Some of the content that I want to go over is anything that I currently work on. This would range from languages that I currently use, tips and tricks around those, to my home lab experiments. I will even explore finances. Sounds boring but I would like to document what I am doing to achieve passive income. (Quite the buzzword these days) Bitcoin, something I've followed since it was a $1 a coin, and other crypto currencies will also show up here as I discover and learn more about the viability of crypto.

So until I have time to start porting everything over, stay tuned. You can subscribe to this blog if you want to receive updates when I post new content. Being a member you will have access, not only to live updates, but some guides or articles that I am spending a bit more time on. More on that later.

Until then,